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Mėsinių str. 5, Vilnius, 01133, Lithuania

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+374 10 510 010

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Frequently Asked Questions

New to Fast Shift and got questions? Hopefully we can answer them below!

Is Fast Shift a bank?

No, Fast Shift is not a bank. Fast Shift is currently undergoing Authorised Electronic Money Institution (EMI) Licensing with the Bank of Lithuania.

What payment types does Fast Shift offer?

Fast Shift offers credit transfers, direct debits, instant payments, one-leg instant payments and SWIFT transfers.

Does Fast Shift have physical or digital cards?

Fast Shift offers both physical and virtual cards. You can start using your virtual card right after you have requested one, and even before you have received your physical card. Once you have your physical card, you can also add it to your apple wallet or google wallet.

Who safeguards my assets?

Your funds are protected and held in licensed banks.

Where can I download the Fast Shift application?

Fast Shift application will soon be available both in Google Play and Apple store.

How many subscription plans does Fast Shift have?

Fast Shift offers Freemium, Premium and Corporate subscription plans, suited to everyone’s taste.