About Us

Fast Shift UAB adapts the primary goal to provide payment and transfer services in Lithuania and the rest of Europe and present modern payment tools that will stand out for their simplicity, convenience and security.

We aim to implement payments, transfers, and other financial transactions for customers in the most secure and accessible environment, valuing their time and resources at the same time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a landscape where everyone has access to financial services. We are committed to fostering financial inclusivity, breaking down barriers, and providing innovative services that cater to the diverse needs of our community. Join us on this journey as we shape a future where financial well-being knows no bounds.

Our Values


Our top priorities are the safety of our customers' finances and the confidentiality of their transactions. Therefore, ensured that any transaction made with Fast Shift is 100% safe, simple and convenient to complete.


For the perfect work to be done, the atmosphere of the company must be perfect. Our business is built on teamwork, literacy, and respect for one another, and this is the key to our success.


One of our core values is a deep feeling of responsibility toward the job, the company, and the customers. This is the key of building customer trust.


Fast Shift has a clear ethical code that guides employees. It also assures that everyone has a healthy working environment and equal conditions.


Finally, one of the important values of Fast Shift is the promotion of new technologies and tools in the financial market through innovative approaches. We want our customers to be closer to the newest technologies.


Our primary mission is to boost the culture of using online financial services in the society, to gain a reputation as a reliable, conscientious, and transparent partner and financial advisor, and to meet the expectations of all stakeholders: the organization, customers, partners, investors, employees, and the state.


Vahe and Vigen Badalyans are the shareholders of Fast Shift LLC

Vigen Badalyan

50% shareholder


Roman Badalyan

Chairman of board

Svetlana Karapetyan

Member of board

Gevorg Balyan

Member of board


The executive director and the chief accountant are part of the management team of Fast Shift company

Roman Badalyan

Chairman of board

Vardan Khachatryan

Board Member

Artur Asatryan


Organizational Structure

The executive director and the chief accountant are part of the management team of Fast Shift company