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Fast Shift

Now available on Apple Store and Google Play. Download our app and unlock access to all of Europe right at your fingertips.

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Managing money made easy

Fast Shift provides digital wallets and emoney accounts for both individuals and businesses.

Payment Types offered

Credit transfers (SCT)

Your smart choice of effortless transactions with credit transfers.

Direct debits (SDD)

Don’t worry about that gym membership anymore! Subscribe, pay utilities and feel the ease of life.

Instant payments (SCT Inst)

Experience speed and efficiency and say goodbye to waiting.


No more issues with your international payments, we’ve got your back!

One-leg out instant payments (OCT Inst)

Enjoy seamless and real-time transfers to non-SEPA countries

Money better with our cards

Get debit cards linked to your account for your personal use or for your business. Or manage your business expenses with our prepaid debit cards issued for your employees.

Ultimate security and safeguarding

You are protected 24/7.

The security of your funds is our primary goal and we make sure your funds are protected and held in licensed banks.

So easy, so fast

Sending and receiving money is easy like never before. Just hit the send and enjoy. Our app is designed with you in mind to seamlessly handle your finances anytime, anywhere.

Check your balances, make instant transfers, track your transactions, pay those bills or send money to your family friends by using our app. Experience the ease of banking on-the-go with Fast Shift.

Subscription plans



monthly fee

€5 per card

SCT: 10 Free Transactions, €0.15per Additional Transaction

SCT Inst: €0.35 per Transaction

SDD: 1 Free Transaction, €0.15 per Additional Transaction

Swift: €15 per Transaction



monthly fee for the 1st Month, €0.99 Thereafter

€0.00 per card

SCT: Free Unlimited Transactions

SCT Inst: 5 Free Transactions, €0.25 per Additional Transaction

SDD: 3 Free Transactions, €0.15 per Additional Transaction

Swift: 1 Free Transaction, €10 per Additional Transaction


15 / 150 / 500 EURO

monthly fee

€15 per card

SCT: €0.5 to €5 per Transaction

SCT Inst: €7 to €12 per Transaction

SDD: €0.5 to €3 per Transaction

Swift: €15 per transaction